Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” Video Slow To Ignite With Fans

"Girl On Fire" is the latest from Alicia Keys who is returning after a few years off. The song is more upbeat than most of her first singles. So, why is the song slow to catch on with her audience and others?

After 3 days of release, the video has been viewed just over a million times. Sometimes, the songs and videos that are actually really good, get passed on for the new Minaj's and One Direction or The Wanted. Interestingly enough, the remix version of "Girl On Fire" features Nicki Minaj.

Alicia is now a veteran act, just passing the 10 year mark of being in the business last year.

The message of "Girl On Fire" is a positive one and hopefully will catch on with an audience, albeit a little bit slower than it should. We know Alicia will have those killer ballad's on her upcoming CD of the same name.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Why do you think the song is not catching on?


Alicia Keys “Girl On Fire” Album Cover & Release Date Revealed!

Alicia Keys has released what her album cover for "Girl On Fire" will look like and also dropped the release date.

She chose a black and white cover with her on the cover and her initials being the only thing of color used.

She announced the release date will be on November 27th.

R U Ready?-DocFB


Alicia Keys Releases Details On Upcoming New Album “Girl On Fire”

This is VERY good news! Not only do we have upcoming albums from No Doubt, Green Day, and Pink on the way, Alicia Keys announced she is recording new material!

She posted this on AliciaKeys.com and talked about her growth not just as an artist, but as a woman;