PRINCE Is NOT Headlining Glastonbury Festival In 2013

PRINCE Promo Photo NPG Records 2013

Another year, another PRINCE is headlining the Glastonbury Festival Story. Well....I'm hear to tell U.....and I'm sorry if some of you were fooled but...it is NOT happening.

All the rumors you heard on Twitter, all the articles you read online, that person on Facebook who says he knows the guy who knows the guy who puts new rocks in at Paisley Park every year and says it is happening, it is not.

When we have anything official to report or anything cool, we will let U know. If U dig rumors and being misled, by all means, keep feeding the gorillas at the zoo.

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Just to be clear:

PRINCE is NOT headlining Glastonbury.

PRINCE is NOT playing Glastonbury.


Diagnosis: Also, PRINCE is NOT appearing in Doonesbury.

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