Video: Debbie Rowe Goes After Paparazzi

Here is video of Debbie Rowe going off on paparazzi when they get too close to her and touch her.  It is two different angles if you let it play. 

1st off, wow.  2nd, how did the heck did they find her in Lancaster, California of all places?  I mean she lives in Palmdale, so they must have been following her.  Yea, that's a job I want., following Debbie Rowe. 3rd, I apologize for the language but nothing I can do about her mouth.

Word on the street is she will be at the memorial tomorrow of her ex-husband Michael Jackson.-Dr.FB

UPDATE: Debbie Rowe will NOT be attending the funeral she announced to MSNBC. Her stories change quicker than they can be typed.