Boxing Champ Kills Wife & Then Hangs Himself

Edwin Valero. Photo: BoxingIllustrated.com

Former Lightweight Boxing Champion Edwin Valero murdered his wife this weekend, then after turning himself in, hanged himself in his jail cell. The 28 year old boxer killed his 20 year old wife and after her body was discovered in the hotel room, turned himself into police saying he stabbed her to death.  He then […]

Coroner: Alexander McQueen Hanged Himself

Alexander McQueen. Photo: Derrick Santini

The coroner’s report has ruled Alexander McQueen’s death last week a suicide and let it be known that McQueen hanged himself and left a suicide note.  He hung himself with his own clothing designs. Alexander was dealing with the death of his mother just days before and also a lover who left him previously. McQueen’s […]