Prince’s Twinz Need Your Help!

The Twinz; Maya & Nandy McClean. Photo: The Twinz
The Twinz; Maya & Nandy McClean. Photo: The Twinz

The Twinz; Maya & Nandy McClean. Photo: The Twinz

Prince's dancers, the Twinz, Maya and Nandy McClean, have been entertaining Los Angeles with Prince's 21 nights and have been having a blast doing it as well.  There has been other things on their minds during the run; their mom's health.

Maureen Mosele, Maya and Nandy's mom, was visiting her daughters from Australia and took ill, where she needed a blood transfusion and also:

  • 6 Nights in hospital
  • 6 blood tests
  • 1 stress test
  • 1 X-ray
  • 1 EGD procedure
  • 3 Blood Transfusion
  • 2 Ultra sounds
  • 1 Mild Anesthesia
  • 1 Nuclear injection
  • 1 Colonoscopy

More tests and possible procedures to come.  The problem?  No medical insurance for mom in Australia or in the United States.  So the Twinz put up a fund-raiser page at : healmomsheart and the Twinz add this;

Through this fundraising page, we are asking for your help. Here is your opportunity to make a difference. If you are inspired or inclined to contribute financially to this amazing woman with a big heart, she would be extremely grateful.
Please consider giving an amount that is meaningful to you. We are grateful for anything--even if it’s only $5. :)

Your help will ensure that our mother gets the care she needs.

Their mom is the sweetest.  Always with a smile on her face and just always dancing around. 

If you can please donate at HealMomsHeart ans send some Love.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  For A Worthy Cause!