Heathrow Airport

To Catch A Flight With David Beckham

David Beckham. Photo: INFDaily.com

David Beckham was spotted at¬†Heathrow Airport yesterday in London and we got the closest thing you can get aside a flight with Becks; a photo of him looking stylish. I am sure some of you wishg you could be the sweater around his waist, don’t you?-Dr.FB

Zac Efron Takes London

Zac Efron arrived at Heathrow Airport in the UK to a mob of paps and fans which had the freshly looking Zac putting on his sunglasses while trying to make his way to his car. Zac is in London to promote his new movie “Me & Orson Wells” and attended the premiere later that night.¬† […]

David Beckham Pulls A Fast One

Did David Beckham pull a fast one while at London’s Heathrow Airport? I think he did. It looks to me like David pulled the whole I am talking on the phone so the people taking my picture can’t ask me question like what it’s like to be so freaking hot. (Now, repeat what I said […]