Sandra Bullock Is Set To Be Highest Paid Woman In Hollywood

Sandra Bullock. File Photo
Sandra Bullock. File Photo

Sandra Bullock. File Photo

The cheating scandal from hell has at least left Sandra Bullock's career unscathed as she is in rather high demand and it looks like for whatever movie role she chooses next, Sandra will be the highest paid woman in Hollywood. 

Her appearances over the weekend at the Guy's Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards show that she is ready again and in the public, still adored, admired, and loved. 

The cheating scandal may have covered that Sandra had one of her most successful years career-wise with "The Proposal" and "The Blind Side" each raking in over $600 million world-wide.

The next project being discussed would be with Ryan Reynolds, her "Proposal" co-star.  Go get em Sandra!-Dr.FB