Hot Chip Proclaims PRINCE Is Still King

In a new article featured in The Guardian, Hot Chip talks about why PRINCE is still King and such an influence today.

Taylor: "Prince was a pop musician – he never went off and made an unlistenable avant-garde record. But he could still do disorientating things in the studio. He might speed up one backing vocal while slowing down another, and make it all fit together with a regular-speed lead vocal, all at the same time. I also love the sparseness of his productions. Whereas most funk records are full of bass, he was happy to strip it away. Kiss is extremely minimal – I think it only has eight tracks of music in it – and yet it's still this huge pop song."

Taylor also talks about the rarities of Prince released through the years:

Taylor: "I've given a lot of money to bootleggers over the years. I used to buy tapes in Camden market and even now I'll trade with people when I come across someone who's got things I don't have. You can find a lot of stuff from his vault [Prince's vast collection of unreleased material, including albums, films and fully produced music videos] fairly easily, and that's what I've been listening to over the last five or so years – more than the original albums. There are hundreds of brilliant things there, as good if not better than the music that came out.

Some stuff from the Parade era is great, such as Others Here With Us, a bizarre and frightening song. Movie Star, which came out on the Crystal Ball compilation, is another favourite – it's a witty send-up of a successful person in the mid-80s who does loads of drugs and attends all the premieres. I also love the original version of Irresistible Bitch, from about 1982, which is a very dark disco tune with growly, raspy vocals. I'd love him to officially release all the songs from his vault, but for whatever reasons, Prince is very protective of his own catalogue.

Goddard talks about Prince being the ultimate showman

Goddard: "When it comes to playing live, Prince is just so confident in his ability. He teases the crowd with segues between popular songs, covers and extended versions, and is quite happy to play slow jams for half an hour if that's what he feels like. As a musician, I understand how hard that is to achieve. Seeing him feels like a link to the great showmen and band leaders of American music – James Brown always comes to mind."

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