Lindsay Lohan Disapearing Before Our Eyes

Lindsay Lohan.  Photo: Uncredited At This Time

The hotness hot mess that is Lindsay Lohan made an appearance again all over Beverly Hills this weekend. Yes, that is her 15 year old sister Ali with her.

She looks like she is disapearing into nothingness as her skin tries to escape her jeans and she looks off-balance.

Not looking for work.  Not just relaxing away from the cameras.  At least she is not at the club but coming from Spago's.  The thing is, if she did not want to be photographed, she should not be at such hot spots.  Seriously.  There are some celebs that are able to go places and be photographed doing everything so that excuse doesn't work. 

I would love however for you to be shot eating a dang cheeseburger though.-Dr.FB