OK Go Release “You’re A F-cking Nerd And No One Likes You” From Hot Tub Time Machine 2; Listen Now!

OK Go Hot Tub Time Machine Part 2

OK Go has released "You're A F-cking Nerd And No One Likes You" from the Hot Tub Time Machine 2 soundtrack. This is a Sinatra cover right?

Interesting the first 15 seconds of the beat are of the wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance music, at least to me. Not so sure about this song but with OK Go fighting so many battles for other artists over the years, I can let this one slide. They are better than this though.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Makes me think Hot Tub 2 is not even going to be half way as decent as 1 was, John Cusak or not. Yes, I know this is Stu's line in the movie but.....leave this stuff to The Offspring to do.