Rihanna Cancels Houston Show; Claims “Illness”

Rihanna cancelled her show in Houston last night, not because of what happened in Boston but die to illness, her reps claim.

It would be easier to believe if she was not spending every moment she could back in Los Angeles with Chris Brown, as they continue to make up n then break up.

I've lost count of how many shows she has cancelled so far on this tour, about 3 or 4, only to be seen with Chris Brown in L.A. before the illness occurs. Hmm.

She has remained silent on the matter on Twitter but was strong enough to tweet about the Boston tragedy.-DocFB

Diagnosis: How soon til the entire tour is cancelled?


Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong Released From Hospital After Throat Scare

Billy Joe Armstrong, leader of Green Day has just been released from the hospital after following a scare with his throat that has left the singer without a voice. The illness forced them to cancel a show in Italy this weekend.

Green Day is still slated to play the MTV Video Music Awards in 2 days.

Right now, Billy has no voice but the appearance has not been cancelled. We will keep you updated.-DocFB