Last night we had 12 of the 36 sing. Tonight, only three of them are gonna make it through this round. I feel very strongly about my predictions last night. If any of them don't get through, I will be very upset. And now that we had to sit through a really bad group singalong and a recap from last night, we get to see who will make it.

    [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="420" caption="Danny Gokey courtesy"]Danny Gokey courtesy[/caption] It's the top 36 this year. Tonight, we have 12 performing. Now, Ryan explained the new rules to us, and boy was it confusing the way he said it. So to break it down a bit more simply, I think, he said the top boy and top girl of the night will go through. Then the next highest rated person, guy or girl will make it through to the top 12 as well. That brings it to 9 contestants. The final 3 contestants will then be chosen in a wild-card night. I hope that helps. The next change is they have the parents or spouses in the red room to discuss further how they think they did. Not the best idea, but I guess it works. So how did they do? Let's watch together.