…And Your American Idol Judges (For Real!) Are….

American Idol Judges Photo: FOX

Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick Jr. are officially your new American Idol judges.

Keith was the only remaining judge from last year and J. Lo returned for a cool $15 million dollars after leaving the show before. Harry is the only real new judge.-DocFB

Diagnosis: They need a break out star this season or this show is done. Officially....


Glamtastic! Adam Lambert Gets His Chateau Marmont On; Talks Idol!

Adam Lambert Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Adam Lambert strutted his stuff while leaving the Chateau Marmont last night. He also discussed about wanting to be a judge on "American Idol"..if they asked!

In a recent interview, Adam stated:

"Dude, if they called me, I'd be like, 'Yeah. Where do I sign?' It would be a really cool opportunity to help people coming into the show and to help them keep their vision focused because it does become overwhelming when you get in there and there's so many people telling you what they think you should do and your family, the producer, the judges, and all the other contestants that might be screwing with your head.

I think it might be nice as a judge to help people stay focused. It gets crazy and to help them reach their dreams -- it would be such a reward."

Adam Lambert Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

We won't be holding our breath for Adam to be a judge on the show....because it would make PERFECT sense! After last year, it is obvious they don't use sense to pick judges now do they?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Sometimes when you lose, you really win....


Country Music Superstar’s Wife Leaves Him After Cheating With Idol Contestant!

Jason Aldeen & Wife Jessica Ussery Photo: HollyScope.com

Country music superstar Jason Aldeen was caught kissing with an American Idol contestant at The Den in Hollywood back in September last year. One problem; he was married!

Aldeen may not have to worry about that anymore as US Weekly is reporting that his wife Jessica Ussery has been separated from him since January.

Brittany Kerr Photo: Zimbio.com

The girl in question is former American Idol contestant Brittany Kerr who was touring with Aldeen when the making out session happened right at the front of The Den on Sunset back in September of last year.

Brittany stated very shortly after that she did not know that Aldeen was married.

When confronted with being with Kerr, Jason had this to say to the press: "It hasn't always been roses. We've been together for a long time and through a lot of things together. Those are things that most people get to deal with in private, but we didn't have the luxury of doing that."

Sigh. You didn't have the luxury because you cheated on your wife in PUBLIC, my man.

Jason's rep is asking for privacy:

"I can confirm that Jason and his wife are having problems, but there is nothing more to share at this time. It's a private family matter, and we hope everyone will respect that he would like to keep it that way."

Cheating sucks....but I have a feeling Kerr and Aldeen will have a LOT of new material for their next albums, respectively.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Country music in real life....


Adam Lambert Shines With Friends N’ Family

Adam Lambert Photo:  GettyImages.com

No Grammy nominations? No problem for Adam Lambert. The star attended the "Friends N' Family" pre-Grammy party Friday night shining.

His suit was def looking "Glam" as he posed for pictures and talked with cameras before heading into the event held at Paramount Studios.

Adam Lambert  Photo: GettyImages.com

We are disappointed that Adam didn't receive any Grammy nods. We think the "Trespassing" album is quite cool and as much as we would LOVE new material by Lambert, "Trespassing" deserves a better fate. A far better fate.-DocFB

Diagnosis: He's not done..and not cuckoo....right Glamberts?


Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey Remain United During Hollywood Reporter Press

American Idol Judges Photo: The Hollywood Reporter

Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey, & Nicki Minaj remained united for a Hollywood Reporter story on the American Idol judges.

Seacrest stood between Mariah and Minaj who have not been getting along with each other during auditions and despite reports, we are sure producers are hoping for fireworks between the 2 judges instead of hoping for a talented top 10 finalists.

Jackson gave his usual rhetoric that there will be "at least 4 contestants" that will have big careers because of Idol. Urban spoke that he wants to help contestants get rid of the cheese around them to find the true musical talent they have. Yea, like ditching a cowboy hat, wearing tight open shirts, and marry a Hollywood actress.

Mariah talked about how Idol went about approaching her for the job. We wish someone would have asked if it would have been smarter to wait to see who the other judges were before signing on and if she had any regrets:

"I was on the fence about the whole thing. I got approached by all the shows. He [her husband, Nick Canon] said I should do it because it's the top, it's the cream of the crop. And I felt like, 'Do the show that's produced massive stars who have had major careers.' I know everyone's like, 'We can't have schmaltzy answers,' Well guess what? Some people still want to be inspired. Some people need to have that kind of validation and to feel like, if this person did it, then I can. And I do have one of those stories."

Minaj talked about why she was picked a judge and how she never pictured to be in the limelight like she is now. Ahem:

"[There's] a judgmental culture in hip-hop. Sometimes you are afraid of being too famous because it's almost, like, is that even cool? Being that accessible, someone you see on TV every week? I never pictured myself as that type of person. I'm still surprised that I decided to do it."

Aside from The Voice, ratings for the other singing shows have went down. With Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo leaving that show, it may be in the same boat. The shows rarely focus on the talent but more on the star of the judge.

Who can name the last winner of X Factor or the past 3 winners of Idol? Thought so.-DocFB

Diagnosis: The 12 Season of "American Idol" kicks off on January 16th.


Uh-Oh Mariah! Katy Perry Turns Down “American Idol” For $20 Million

Katy Perry Rolling Stone Cover Katy Perry Rolling Stone Cover

Although she told "American Idol" that she would not be a judge of the show back in JULY, they still pursued her. They even offered her more money than new judge Mariah Carey.

According to TMZ, they originally offered Katy Perry $18 million, which is the exact amount Mariah Carey is making.

After Katy turned them down, they offered her $20 million dollars and even though Idol said "Shut up and put where your money where your mouth is" the singer still turned them down.

It makes no sense to go after Katy.  Speaking from experience, Katy is too hot right now to be tied down to the show.  Same with Nicki Minaj.  It makes sense for Mariah being a mother of twins and for her to be tied down and still be in the limelight.  For Katy, not so much.

Good for Katy for turning it down.  She has guest judged before and knew what she was getting into.

I was REALLY wanting Adam Lambert and Pink to be a part of it but glad it hasn't worked that way.

To see "Idol" getting turned down by almost every music star they go after has been quite amusing, hasn't it?-DocFB


Video: Kelly Clarkson “Loses Herself” & Covers Eminem Awesomely! Watch Now!

Kelly Clarkson covered "Lose Yourself" by Eminem while in Detroit, and she even did it rocking a hoodie!

Who knew Kelly had flow?

Now will Eminem return the favor and cover "Since You've Been Gone" by Kelly. LOL! We doubt it but it would be fun!

Check out the C O O L performance above and let us know what you think.-DocFB