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  Top four performed rock songs last night with the help of Slash, and tonight we find out who will go home. It's just a matter of sitting back and waiting an hour to find out, but really, do we need a whole hour? Apparently, according to the Idol producers, we do. Although, tonight, I may agree. No Doubt and Chris Daughtry will be performing tonight. That is a lineup I can get behind. Breaking again from tradition, the group performance is also featuring the mentor from last night, Slash. The guy has not lost a thing in his playing. In my eyes, Slash revolutionized the guitar solo, and tonight, he showed us how.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="226" caption="Adam Lambert Courtesy of"]Adam Lambert Courtesy of[/caption] So, I have been gone for a while, but I am back this week with another American Idol review. In my absence, we have seen a lot of people leave, and we are now down to the top 4. Too bad I haven't been around, because there were some things I would have loved to talk about, but unfortunately, I was not. That's all old news, we are here for tonight's show, where the top 4 do Rock Week.  I'm telling you now, if Adam doesn't nail this week, then I don't know what I will think. To make things a little more interesting, they are also performing duets. Again, I don't know if this is because of me, but last year I also suggested this idea as a way to change things around. This week's mentor is probably one of the best options to teach these kids rock. The mentor this week is Slash. Most kids these days may know him from Velvet Revolver, but the best of us will only see him as the lead guitarist for Guns and Roses. I gotta say off the bad, I don't think Slash has aged in the last 20 years. Now it's time to see how they did.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Michael Sarver"]Michael Sarver[/caption] Last night, the top ten did better than I expected with Motown, but in my opinion, there were some very clear losers. The question is did America agree with me? We will find out tonight, even though we will waste a whole hour before we find out for sure. I can just hope the performances tonight will be worth watching.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Adam Lambert"]Adam Lambert[/caption] Now we are into the tour group, and tonight they are doing the songs from Motown. This is going to be fun to watch some of these people who have no swagger or funk doing Motown. I expect a night of bad renditions of great songs tonight. The mentor tonight is Smokey Robinson, one of the greatest artists to ever walk the planet, so I can only hope he can influence them enough to do a good job tonight. Matt Giraud opens with "Let's Get it On" From Marvin Gaye, one of my all time favorite songs. I don't say this that often, because this doesn't happen that often, but that actually gave me the chills. That was so unbelievably good. That was a great way to start the show, and I just hope the rest can keep up.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="400" caption="Alexis Grace"]
Alexis Grace[/caption] After tonight, we will have the next American Idol tour group. This is the worst week for someone, because they have come so close to making it on the tour, and they fall short by one. Let's find out what happens tonight. That is after the vinette from last night and a group country song. There was a lot of back and forth tonight about how they feel about the whole thing.