Jennifer Grey & Dancing With The Stars Land Huge Ratings

Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough. Promo Photo


Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough. Promo Photo

The 50 year old Jennifer Grey (yes, I said 50 year old) recieved the highest total on Dancing With The Stars and in return gave the show it's highest ratings in quite a while.

How high?  The season premiere was watched by 3 times as many people who saw the season finale of the show last season.  Even Jamie Lee Curtis knows this season is the shhhh.

Grey is our favorite to win it all and yes we know she has had dancing in her past but we wantthis girl to have a career again.  Who knew getting a great nose job would ruin your career for the next 20 years?

Lady Gaga are you listening? Hehe.

So admit it.  No one will know.  Are you watching this seasons Dancing With The Stars?-Dr.FB