John Hughes

The Oscars Were Amazing & Boring

Sandra Bullock.

Let’s be honest here; until the last half hour, the Oscars were pretty much boring.  We knew Monique was going to win, and everything was not a shock or least bit amusing until the end.  Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin were good.  They did not run too long or do anything unneeded. Weather George Clooney […]

Michael’s Body Is At Forest Lawn, Just Not Buried

So an update on the story we told you last week about Michael’s body finally being buried at Forest Lawn. His body is at Forest Lawn, just not buried. He is in the freezer. Katherine Jackson has visited several times since he was put there last week. No wonder celebs are still dying big time.  […]

Breaking News! Director John Hughes Passes Away

Director John Hughes passed away today of a heart attack. His publicist released a statement a short time ago. Hughes directed The Breakfast Club and many other 80’s cult movies. He will be missed. -Dr.FB