The Oscars Were Amazing & Boring

Sandra Bullock.
Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock. Photo: GettyImages.com

Let's be honest here; until the last half hour, the Oscars were pretty much boring. 

We knew Monique was going to win, and everything was not a shock or least bit amusing until the end.  Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin were good.  They did not run too long or do anything unneeded.

Weather George Clooney was really upset or it was all part of an act was the only thing interesting until the end.

Then came best actress.  When I saw Oprah out there, I am like there is NO way Sandra Bullock is going to win the Oscar.  I was like the girl from "Precious" in her first role is getting it.

So, yes, I was shocked when Sandra Bullock's name was announced.  I was happy. She was stunned.   Having to hear for months from Julia Roberts how she turned down the role for " The Blind Side" like it was  something beneath her, I was worried.   I was worried that Sandra would not get roles that would garner her an Oscar let alone a nomination.   I am happy to think that now any movie that has Sandra in it will have in the credits Academy Award Winner Sandra Bullock.  I like the sound of that a lot.

The Best Actor going to Jeff Bridges was not a surprise because the Academy usually gives it to roles like that.  Perhaps George knew that and that he was not going to win. 

Then, came the big ones.  I think James Cameron already had a place in mind where he was going to put his Oscars in his house.  Barbra Streisand came out and already I was like....hmmm...something interesting is about to happen.  Interesting indeed as when Kathryn Bigalow's name was read, shock then applause went through the crowd.  Yes,  James Cameron was married to her so it was interesting that an ex-wife and ex-husband went against each other in the same category but it is not what defines her.

Then came the big one and Tom Hanks, and everyone was like OK, she got best director but "Avatar" is def getting best picture.   I was stunned and the entire crowd was left with mouths open as Tom announced "The Hurt Locker" and it went from a boring Oscars to an Oscars to be remembered as an underdog war movie trumped a James Cameron movie.

An interesting show and some other notable moments:

Ben Stiller dressed as a character from Avatar.

Farah Fawcett being left off the list of those who passed this year.  I guess when you die the same day as Michael Jackson, everyone forgets about you. 

Also, Bea Arthur was left off the memoriam list as well.  Tre lame.

The John Hughes tribute was brilliant.  Sigh.

What did YOU think of the Oscars?-Dr.FB


Michael’s Body Is At Forest Lawn, Just Not Buried

Michael Jackson wireimage.com
Michael Jackson wireimage.com

Michael Jackson wireimage.com

So an update on the story we told you last week about Michael's body finally being buried at Forest Lawn. His body is at Forest Lawn, just not buried.

He is in the freezer. Katherine Jackson has visited several times since he was put there last week.

No wonder celebs are still dying big time.  We all heard the whole thing about deaths travelling in packs of 3. Well, what happens when one of the 3 doesn't get buried for a while?  Since Michael's passing, big name celebs have been dying left and right. Such as John Hughes.

There is no scientific fact to this at all but you guys know it has been crazy how many people have passed since June 25th. I am just not happy to know he is still not frickin buried and the autopsy report is done.-Dr.FB


John Hughes Passes: Will Be Remembered By Many As Giving 80’s Teens A Reason To Live, Laugh And Love

Breakfast Club File Photo

Hughes gave us so many wonderful movies, and lots of good times! Sweet memories! With his passing I sat and reminisced on some of the great classics he gave me, okay us, and I wanted to share a few with my favorite funkenbabies. Hell I was a pre-teen/teen when some of these cult classics came out, and Friday nights where filled with, a group of giggling gals, sleeping bags, pop corn and a John Hughes movie. Everyone went wild over Duckie, drooled over Jake and envied Samantha.

It would take me days to list, so here is a short walk down memory lane:

Sixteen Candles 1984
Hell yeah! Jake Ryan was a god! Samantha, the birthday girl needed a hot pair of boobs, and Long Duck Dong found that pair of boobs on a 6 foot gal who ran track and lifted weights.... AWESOME!

The Breakfast Club 1985

Breakfast Club File Photo

Breakfast Club File Photo

They were five total strangers, with nothing in common, meeting for the first time. A brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse. Before the day was over, they broke the rules and touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible.

Smart ass kids with a dry humor, yet a serious approach to every day teen life. I gotta say, I felt like the geeky girl, but had the hots for the bad boy...go figure :)

Weird Science 1985

Weird Science File Photo

Weird Science File Photo

What a freakin' RAD movie, had everything to make a great teen movie. Geeks, popular kids, hot 'computer made' chick, the creep, and last but not least the huge missile in the bedroom.... A 15 year old boy's dream come true.

Some Kind of Wonderful 1987

Some Kind of Wonderful File Photo

Some Kind of Wonderful File Photo

"Before they could stand together, they had to stand alone".

This is by far the best "romantic" teen movie! Rich, poor, good friends, or not, love will find you :)

There are so many more great movies, once again, thank you John you will be missed.


Breaking News! Director John Hughes Passes Away

Director John Hughes passed away today of a heart attack. His publicist released a statement a short time ago.

Hughes directed The Breakfast Club and many other 80's cult movies. He will be missed.