Miley Cyrus Gives Her Director The “Boom Boom Pow” Lapdance

Well, the rumored lap dance video of a 16 year-old Miley Cyrus grinding on a 44 year old Adam Shankman has seen the light of day.  Miley's parents were not at the party.

TMZ (shocker) has obtained the video shot last summer of Miley giving Shankman the "Boom Boom Pow" to the Black Eyed Peas jam.    We love how the people who shot the video were "offended" by the dancing....yet, held onto the video for a year and then ended up selling it to the highest bidder.  Offended indeed.

Check out the video above, and look for more of the video tonight on TMZ. 

Love how they say that Shankman is openly gay while dancing with the underage Cyrus.  What do you think?  Much ado about nothing or completely inappropriate?-Dr.FB