Miley Cyrus Gives Her Director The “Boom Boom Pow” Lapdance

Well, the rumored lap dance video of a 16 year-old Miley Cyrus grinding on a 44 year old Adam Shankman has seen the light of day.  Miley's parents were not at the party.

TMZ (shocker) has obtained the video shot last summer of Miley giving Shankman the "Boom Boom Pow" to the Black Eyed Peas jam.    We love how the people who shot the video were "offended" by the dancing....yet, held onto the video for a year and then ended up selling it to the highest bidder.  Offended indeed.

Check out the video above, and look for more of the video tonight on TMZ. 

Love how they say that Shankman is openly gay while dancing with the underage Cyrus.  What do you think?  Much ado about nothing or completely inappropriate?-Dr.FB

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  1. she dancing on someone older then her and now this i saw a viedo of miley cyrus smoking in her house with her friends i swear i saw smoking look on bing .com and wikipedia and all the sites you can find and see that i am telling the truth ps it was five days later from her 18th b-day she has a lot of issuses duh she is donig drugs

  2. miley cyrus a slut she like girls

  3. miley cyrus a slutty shes likes girls slut abuse head adam shankman was letting a 16 year old slut dancing on him he is 44 he can go to jail for this slut miley cyrus has a sister a older sister who is not evening slutty like she is i dont even know why she is still on disney channel shes a slut sluts cant be on disney in hannah montana she wants to act normal but in real life she is a slut and ugly stupid were nit evening her fans her daddy lying like when he tells her shes pretty and cute but thats not true sluuuut

  4. miley cyrus is just slut dancing on 44 year old man when she was 16 she is not what she is 6 years ago when
    she was 14 she needs to stop bieng a slut
    at18 selena gomaz and dmei lovato are a millon times better than her because there not slutty like she is i have a lot of kids in my school none of them like slut miley slut cyrus check her viedo who owns my heart so you can see what a SLUT SHE REALLY IS

  5. NOT OK

  6. Oooh Gay, ok

  7. Miley had no business grinding her ass on any man’s crotch, whether he’s gay or not. Plus, the director had no business letting this 16 year old grind on him. Him being gay doesn’t matter at all, he’s a grown ass man and she’s still a minor and that makes it highly inappropriate. Period, end of discussion.

  8. LOL! I think he grinds very well for 44yrs old, perhaps he is gay! Obviously cultral, but in the UK, at 16 you are good to go so I do not see a problem with her expressing her sexuality BUT with an old man is not so cool.

  9. Don’t want to see the video but I will say.. If that was my child I would have slapped her ass into the middle of next week a looooooooooong time ago. And the dude too.

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