“Last Christmas” By Wham! Most Streamed Song On Spotify Christmas Day!

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Wham's "Last Christmas" was the most streamed song around the World Christmas Day, mostly from the song's constant popularity in the UK.

According to NME, the George Michael/Andrew Ridegely classic from 1984 was number one in the UK, beating out Buble's "It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas" and "All I Want For Christmas" by Mariah Carey, which was number one and two in the U.S.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Never saw that photo of Andrew and George before. Hmm.


Young Guns! Ariana Grande Covers “Last Christmas” From WHAM!

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Ariana Grande is releasing a few Christmas songs heading up to the holiday and has released "Last Christmas" a cover of the WHAM holiday classic.

We are LOVING it and it features the Rascals on percussion and Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds according to Billboard.

To hear Grande's version of the song and the Wham version, click here!


George Michael Talks About Nearly Dying: “Worst Month Of My Life”

George Michael has been released from the hospital after nearly dying from a bad battle of pneumonia. he gave a press conference where he looked very skinny and was very emotional.

George states that they played down the illness and that is surprising because it was being reported he was close to death. So close to death, that a doctor had to speak on his behalf and say that he is improving, which we reported on weeks ago.

"I have to believe that somebody thinks I have some work to still do here" George said. George wants to make up the tour dates he had to cancel and do a special show for the employees at the Austrian hospital that saved his life.

Since the illness, George had no contact with anyone who was not a family or loved one. The avid tweeter has not even sent a tweet since before his illness, November 17th.

I am very glad that George is still alive. That must have been some bug. I hope he gets well soon....and gets some meat on those bones of his as well.

Diagnosis: Thankful this is not his "Last Christmas..."


Video: “Last Christmas” By Wham

"Last Christmas" I gave you....an old fruitcake.....-Dr.FB


George Michael To Release Live DVD December 7th

George Michael performs, August 2008. Photo: theinsider.com
George Michael performs, August 2008. Photo: theinsider.com

George Michael performs, August 2008. Photo: theinsider.com

Better late than never. George Michael told G last year that he would be releasing a live DVD before Christmas. Well, it did not get released in time for last christmas ( you know, when you gave him your heart) but this year the DVD will be available to give to someone special.

George Michael Live in London DVD is set to be released Dec. 7, according to remembertheeighties.com and we can't wait.

When George isn't smoking cannibas or hooking up with random men late night in London, he is a great live performer.

If this DVD does come out this time, I am going to be one happy funky doctor.-Dr.FB