Last Friday Night (TGIF)

Missy Elliott Joins Katy Perry For “Last Friday Night” Remix

  Missy Elliott is back!  She is on the “Last Friday Night” (T.G.I.F.) remix by Katy Perry.  This marks the 2nd time Katy has used a rapper for her mix and it follows the same formula too. Katy had Kanye West on her remix of “E.T.” and it was a success.  The only difference between Missy […]

Videos: Katy Perry Gets Into Beth Terry Character For New Video

Katy Perry is getting into the role of Beth Terry for her new music video “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” which will debut this week. There is a grip of videos of Katy as Beth for the video and here are some of the teasers. Wonder how much being with Russell Brand is giving Katy the […]