Gloria Estefan Does That Conga As She Escapes Luxury Box

Whew. It almost did cut both ways for Gloria Estefan Sunday during the Miami Dolphins game.

Gloria, who is an owner of the Dolphins along with Jennifer Lopez and others, was set to introduce Enrique Iglesias as the halftime act.  One problem.  She got stuck in her private luxury suite.  The door would not open.  Security could not get it open as halftime was approaching.

What did Gloria do?  She kicked off her heels and went through the window to the next suite over.  Yikes!  Not as easy as you may think when you have a crowd below and who knows if she is afraid of heights or not.

Well, Gloria made the escape and was just able to introduce Enrique. 

Let's hope that doesn't happen to Gloria this Monday night as the Dolphins take on the New England Patriots.-Dr.FB