Will & Jada Pinkett Smith United In Public Together

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith.  Photo:  X17Online.com

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Photo: X17Online.com

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted having brunch together in Malibu and going shopping, and were all smiles the entire way.  Now, was it a publicity stunt to stop the rumors about the marriage falling apart or were they just caught randomly being together?

There are more photos and even video of the scene at X17online.com that you can check out.

Also, there is more video that TMZ.com has obtained as well. TMZ was stating this morning that they poke to sources that confirmed that their marriage is in trouble although they are not separating.  They also seemed to be confirming the InTouch Weekly article of perhaps of Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith being together.

No talk of that right now.  All there is are smiles from both Will & Jada through the video.  Really have been hoping this story is not true.  Hoping this is a real united front and not stuff to cover things up.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Jeffrey Leaked The Story!

P.S.  we LOVE the shirt Jada is wearing! Just Saying....


There IS Marriage Trouble For Will & Jada Pinkett Smith

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith. File Photo
Will & Jada Pinkett Smith. File Photo

Will & Jada Pinkett Smith. File Photo

Why couldn't this story not be true?   It appears although they are not separating, there appears to  trouble in the Will & Jada Pinkett Smith marriage.

The coupld released a statement yesterday saying "the marriage is intact" and since I heard that comment, I was thinking for the first time, the story might be true.  They made sure to word it in a specific way and that was troublesome for me right there.

Now, if  that Jada and her "HawthoRNe" co-star hooked up, although Jada's reps are denying it, it might be harder to save the marriage.  Poor Will if true.  I wonder what Jennifer Lopez thinks of all this.

I am hoping that maybe they are hitting a rough patch that all couples do and are trying to work through it.  They are about to embark on a family vacation and try to work things out together as a family

I will discuss the elephant in the room that people in Hollywood have heard for a while that Will and Jada have an "open marriage" allowing them to see who they want.  Now, that seems to not be true, especially if the Marc Anthony affair appears to be true.

Can this marriage be saved?  What do you think?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Sometimes, Where There Is Smoke, There Is Fire....


Will Smith Caught Jada Pinkett Smith With Marc Anthony?

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith & Marc Anthony Photo UsWeekly.com
Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith & Marc Anthony Photo UsWeekly.com

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith/Jada Pinkett Smith & Marc Anthony Photo UsWeekly.com

OK, this Will & Jada Pinkett Smith marriage separation gets more and more suspicious.  First, the story comes out that they are separating and no one believes it.  Will Smith son denies it, then a cryptic statement is released that makes you wonder and now comes the report of Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith hooked up?  reportedly, that is.

It is now being reported by InTouch Weekly that Will Smith thought something was up between his wife Jada and her HawthoRNe co-star Marc Anthony, who you might have heard is going through a divorce with Jennifer Lopez.

Will decided to pay a surprise visit without telling Jada.  He flew home from where he is shooting his latest movie and caught Jada with Marc Anthony in their home.  They are not saying what Jada and Marc were doing, but it left Will in tears and he left their house.

We all believed that the story was false yesterday until Will and Jada released a statement stating "the marriage was intact" and nothing more proving their love.

It now appears that the marriage is in trouble but they have not separated yet.

Jada has said that nothing is going on with Marc Anthony and that he was at the house in April, not August.  The Smiths are stating they are NOT separating but they are having serious marriage trouble.

The Smiths are about to take a family vacation to try to work stuff out as a family. This is nuts.  It appears InTouch knew exactly what they were talking about when coming out with this story. I think we all wish they were wrong.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Carlton Could Not Be Reached For Comment