Will & Jada Pinkett Smith United In Public Together

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith.  Photo:  X17Online.com

Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Photo: X17Online.com

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith were spotted having brunch together in Malibu and going shopping, and were all smiles the entire way.  Now, was it a publicity stunt to stop the rumors about the marriage falling apart or were they just caught randomly being together?

There are more photos and even video of the scene at X17online.com that you can check out.

Also, there is more video that TMZ.com has obtained as well. TMZ was stating this morning that they poke to sources that confirmed that their marriage is in trouble although they are not separating.  They also seemed to be confirming the InTouch Weekly article of perhaps of Marc Anthony and Jada Pinkett Smith being together.

No talk of that right now.  All there is are smiles from both Will & Jada through the video.  Really have been hoping this story is not true.  Hoping this is a real united front and not stuff to cover things up.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  Jeffrey Leaked The Story!

P.S.  we LOVE the shirt Jada is wearing! Just Saying....

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  1. Dr. FB, Jada and Will are doing what two people together in marriage with a family try their best to do if they really care and love and that’s try and work through “for better and worse”. To me, if Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony had tried, gone to counseling and worked through their issues, they could have even made their marriage work for themselves, their children, their friends and family and all that look up to them. Kudos to Jada and Will for fighting the fight to make it work. And In-Touch? I wouldn’t take them as gospel about Marc and Jada having been together. RUMORS man…rumors. The tabloid press feed off false negativity. It’s laughable really.

  2. Guess I’m bias about the whole thing. Worked with both of them. They are determined to keep this marriage together. There a role model for so many.

  3. is that gray on the Fresh Prince’s chin?

  4. Nice spot paradise! Hopefully they’ll patch it up and the open-ness didn’t affect thangs

  5. Wearing what looks like a Prince – Purple Rain shirt, u go Will & Jada keep it all in tact!!

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