Matthew Broderick Returns As Ferris Bueller For Super Bowl Commercial

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is a cut of 80's pop culture nostalgia.  In this decade?  It's a way for Ferris to sling cars.

The Honda CVR to be exact. No Charlie Sheen. No Jennifer Grey. No one from the original cast. Just Ferris Bueller. It is cool..for nostalgia purposes. For other purposes, I'm just not feeling it.  If this is the best Super Bowl ad out there, I will be not watching any commercials.

Yes, it brought a smile to my face. But I would have a smile on my face if they brought back the Bud Bowl commercials.

I have a feeling I'm in the minority.  Maybe I'm wound so tight that if you stuck a coal up my ass, it might turn into a diamond.

So, do you like the Ferris Bueller commercial?-DocFB


Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick To Be Parents

They are going to be surrogate parents but parents nonetheless of twins.  Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick are going to become parents later this year.  They are baby girl twins. 

They do have a 7 year old son that was conceived naturally.

Congrats to both.-Dr.FB