UPDATED!!! New Prince Music Slated To Debut Today

The Doctor's office received a tip that a NEW song by the one n only Prince will debut today at noon on L.A.'s Indie Rock Station 103.1

They will play 3 brand new songs, maybe 4 by Prince! You, the listeners will decide what song gets put into rotation.

This announcement was made by Max Tolkoff, the programming director of indie 103.1 since Feb. 2007.

He even hit up a popular prince site prince.org and posted there.

You can listen to the new music at www.indie1031.fm.

Today at noon.

Some of us will be at work so let us know how it sounds.-Dr.FB

UPDATE!!!! Song titles are by Crimsen n Clover, Berlin Wall, Colonized Mind, and Forever are the songs they played. Bangin week so far eh? ;)

UPDATE 2!!!! If U missed it, here is the ARCHIVE!