UPDATED!!! New Prince Music Slated To Debut Today

The Doctor's office received a tip that a NEW song by the one n only Prince will debut today at noon on L.A.'s Indie Rock Station 103.1

They will play 3 brand new songs, maybe 4 by Prince! You, the listeners will decide what song gets put into rotation.

This announcement was made by Max Tolkoff, the programming director of indie 103.1 since Feb. 2007.

He even hit up a popular prince site prince.org and posted there.

You can listen to the new music at www.indie1031.fm.

Today at noon.

Some of us will be at work so let us know how it sounds.-Dr.FB

UPDATE!!!! Song titles are by Crimsen n Clover, Berlin Wall, Colonized Mind, and Forever are the songs they played. Bangin week so far eh? ;)

UPDATE 2!!!! If U missed it, here is the ARCHIVE!

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  1. Someone shudda, coulda sent ‘the shovel’ round – I only just now managed to scrape myself off o the floor. WOW so …………..!

  2. Aww Shucks,
    Now why ya wanna go and re-arrange jonesy’s jukebox.
    (I thought that archive was so cool.)

    Teases are so frustrating….they only make you want more. lol

    …It’s all good.
    I know something better.

  3. Oh snap, gone already. Sorry!

  4. Be sure to not miss the FIFTH song he gave us yesterday, “(There’ll Never Be) Another Like Me” available at:


    That’s 5, but there are 12 Days of Christmas. Hmm… :)


  5. Hahaha thank you beautifulX

  6. …Behold the power of cheese. lol

  7. Oh just one more opinion – adding the song ‘Forever’ to any album is not recommended.

  8. This is the deal, all of these songs are really tight, except for ‘Forever’.
    The production, harmonic strucutre, sense of melody and groove, guitar licks and vocal delivery, and actually some very well written lyrics, all make up for 3 excellent tracks and immense excitement at an upcoming album in this same vein.

    However, ‘Forever’ is lyrically wack. Muscially quite well composed but the lyrics are lame, pale, stereotypical and very basic. I mean “I can be your future guy and you can be my future girl”, pretty cheesy.

    But hey, that’s just some constructive criticism as the track itself is really cool muscially, just weak on the lyrical and vocal tip.

    Cannot stop listening to the other 3 tracks, best and most inspirational rock tracks since The Gold Experience.

  9. ^^ back from what!! He’s right there!!

  10. YEAAAHHHHHHH!! Prince is back. Thats what im talkin bout! FIRE

  11. I loved every song I heard earlier today! The songs were pure heat and I am super excited for the next CD. I just hope that the rest of the CD is just a rockin as these 4 songs are. If he can keep it in the rock vein, I think Prince will have another classic CD. I believe in you Prince, keep doing your thang brother!!!!!

  12. I love them all thank you Prince……I love u !

  13. New Prince songs on Indie channel — very nice :)
    Can we come over for a listening party?
    Or mabye a concert in Las Vegas :)

  14. ” “

  15. love the new songs, any hints on when we will be able to get an official copy of them?

  16. Prince, thank you so much for giving us such a huge load of emotions today. The music sounds great, indeed!

  17. All 4 were REALCOOL, I definately need a good album like this right now.
    I think Colonized Mind should be the radio jam for ALL stations, the message in it is SO IMPORTANT.

    Now about 4ever…that one’s my personal meditation jam—but I’m just cool like that. POP! lol

    This turned out to be a good day 4 me.
    Dig this, last night some fool stole my 3121 perfume right out of my car…musta been the gold on the bottle. Who knows? That’s ok, I still got my cream. Lord Forgive them. lol Anyways.


  18. My God my god …Prince I love you so so much.. thats all I can say right now….. Great refreshing LOVE…

  19. Thankyou :-) x 1,000 here’s hoping the streaming holds out!

  20. and the Saga continues………….

  21. Ohhhww thanks :)

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