Kanye West Complains About Rank On Hottest MC’s List. Sigh.

Kanye West

When will Kanye learn? MTV made a list of their hottest MC's and Kanye West is upset that he came in at number 7.

He told Hot 97 in New York:

"I feel like for them to put me at No. 7, they had to bring up things they didn't like, like they didn't like Cruel Summer album. And I'm, like, 'That's a compilation. It's not all rappers on [it].’”

"What happens with these type of things and the people that review it, when I come in and I have the pink polo and the backpack, I'm checking all the boxes of that A Tribe Called Quest era and all that, so they want to champion it. They don't like Givenchy Kanye. They don't like Kanye in a kilt, they don't like Kanye in a relationship."

OK, who really takes MTV countdowns and lists seriously? Yes, Drake and Big Sean were ranked above you. Maybe, just maybe these lists reflect how you handle situations like this.

Kanye, we all know that you think you are the greatest that ever lived. Not just MC, but greatest at everything. You're talented but you don't need to go there every time. Does Eminem complain like this? C'mon man!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Sure the reason he is taking a hit is over his relationship and not releasing a real hot single since before it....