Got Meat? Lady Gaga Does And PETA Is Mad

Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan
Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan

Lady Gaga. Photo: Vogue Hommes Japan

I bet you thought we had proof of Lady Gaga having a penis when we were refering to her having meat.  Nope!

Lady Gaga is on the cover of  Vogue Hommes Japan wearing nothing but raw meat.  Interesting because when I look at Gaga I think more sushi than meat.  Ahem.

PETA, who is always there like a bad rash during bikini season has chimed in on the cover;

"Meat is something you want to avoid putting on or in your body,"  "no matter how beautifully it is presented, flesh from a tortured animal is flesh from a tortured animal."

Sigh.  PETA. PETA. PETA!  It's hard ot get behind your cause when you attack everything!  I'm all against animal cruelty and before you made your comment, I was going to attack Gaga for such an ugly cover.  Now, I like it because it is artistic expression. 

What do you think?  Is PETA right or did they go overboard?-Dr.FB


Lindsay Lohan Goes Back To Meat?

Lindsay Lohan & Mystery Meat.  Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Lindsay Lohan & Mystery Meat. Photo: PacificCoastNewsOnline.com

Just in time for a Memorial Day Bar B Q, Lindsay Lohan may be back to having meat in her diet.

Lindsay Slowhands Lohan was spotted returning home with a mystery man shortly after midnight.  Did she want to be caught by the paparazzi?  Well, looks like she stopped and posed in this photo and she even blew kisses to them while they took shots of her going inside. 

Wonder what kind of denial we will get on here bringing home the Paul Rudd look like to her place.  You know the denial is coming.  That is more guaranteed than a solid return to acting anytime soon even though she has picked up a new role recently. 

Things are never boring when it comes to Lindsay obviously, but it is interesting how she has stayed in the news so long without doing anything.  Oh wait, guess I would be part of the blame for it as I report on the nonsense she does on a weekly to daily basis.  What in the name of Chelsea Handler am I doing to you guys?  Seriously.-Dr.FB