Who Didn’t See Kim & Reggie Break-Up Coming?

Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian.  Photo: INFDaily.com

Reggie Bush & Kim Kardashian. Photo: INFDaily.com

So Reggie Bush could not handle Kim's media coverage.  Hmm.  We kinda said the same thing when this photo was taken right after Reggie won the Super Bowl.

 They tried to hash it out but are trying to remain friends after the break-up.  It might be easier for Kim as Reggie has been cold-busted cheating on Kim several times.  So he claims media coverage and Kim claims Reggie needs to cover up his Bush more often.

Don't feel too bad for Kim.  We have a feeling she will come out on top on the end.  Ahem.  Yea...the end.-Dr.FB


Jesse James Is In One Hot Mess

Jesse James.
Jesse James.

Jesse James. Photo: SplashNewsOnline.com

Even Jesse James's neighbors are pissed at him now.  The media coverage his affair on Sandra Bullock is causing his neighbors to fight with photographers over the weekend. 

Jesse we hear is very upset with the whole affair situation and that Sandra has left him and moved out.   Jesse is still wearing his wedding ring and has been throwing himself into his work whenever he can think straight. 

More bad news is on it's way as now Janine Lindemulder is going after custody of her kid with Jesse James.  She has laid off of trying to get full custody but now with Jesse not looking like a good father, she is planning on going after their 6 year old daughter with paperwork to be filed this week. 

It just doesn't pay to cheat.-Dr.FB