Jackass Bam Margera Ends Up In ER After Four Day Drinking Binge

Bam Margera MTV Photo
Bam Margera MTV Photo

Bam Margera MTV Photo

Prickster Prankster Brandon Margera AKA BAM was hospitalized after going on a four day drinking binge.  His soon to be ex wife called 911 after he took the prescription drug Ambien while drinking.  Doctor's released him after flushing his system.

When asked why he took on the four day binge, he said:

"I may be getting a divorce ... booze helps."

I've met Bam a few times, and I have to say he is one 'out of his f**kin mind dude', but drinking is not the way out.  BAM, fu** her,  get back on your board!

Oh Yeah, and:

Jessica Simpson is single, maybe they can re-kindle what they once had :)