Two Lesbians Raised A Baby Story Goes Viral In A Major Way

Although this video was made in February of this year, in the past day, it has went viral in a major way.

The video has recieved a majorty of it's 5 million hits in the past 24 hours and moveon.org is also behind the video, emailing it's supporters the video earlier this morning.

Zack Wahls spoke about his 2 lesbian mothers and how he was raised. That his parents are not 2 second class citizens.

Let me tell you something. I would rather have two gay parents that give a damn about me, that wanted to raise me, then one who was straight and couldn't handle the responsibility.

Think of that the next time you even think about judging someone.  Gay.  Straight.  It doesn't matter as long as that child is loved and brought up the right way.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  L O V E rises above all else......