Photo Of The Moment: Madonna! Game; Thrones

Our photo of the moment is of Madonna dressing up for the Jewish Holiday Purim. “Happy Purim!!!!! All Hail All Queens! ##certainty.” was the Instagram quote.-DocFB Diagnosis: She posted another photo of her with an image of Jesus. We liked it better the first time…when she did that in the “Like A Prayer” video….

Katy Perry Talks About God; “Accountability Works”

Two fine. Maybe even three fine. For W Magazine’s November issue though, Katy Perry appears on W magazine with 2 different covers. Oh, and she talks about John Mayer again. You guys know they are together right? Just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. Oh, Katy also discussed religion. Wonder how many bloggers/music […]

Busted! Tim Tebow’s “Controversial” Jesus GQ Photo Is Years Old!

It really is amazing how much controversy Tim Tebow stirs up when it comes to his religious beliefs. Add a shirtless photo of him with arms extended and legs crossed, and now people think he believes he is Jesus. That is exactly what has happened in the new issue of GQ Magazine’s Football issue. The […]

Katy Perry Tweets About Divorce; Puts Parents On Blast!

Katy Perry's Twitter Feed

After a week of silence and moving vans, Katy Perry was forced to tweet about her divorce from Russell Brand after her parents said the “Divorce was a gift from God” last week. She first tweeted that she was grateful for all the love and support from fans since the filing for the divorce and […]

Two Lesbians Raised A Baby Story Goes Viral In A Major Way

Although this video was made in February of this year, in the past day, it has went viral in a major way. The video has recieved a majorty of it’s 5 million hits in the past 24 hours and is also behind the video, emailing it’s supporters the video earlier this morning. Zack Wahls […]