No. 9 The Mumbai Attacks

A Protest After The Mumbai Attacks: File Photo
A Protest After The Mumbai Attacks: File Photo

A Protest After The Mumbai Attacks: File Photo

The day before Thanksgiving, a vicious terrorist attack happened in Mumbai, India. The targets?  Americans.

One woman who was there on business and with two non-American business partners, herself Canadian, made a break from the terrorists, thru the kitchen and then out to a house where here and others were safe, but not sound.  The woman, Manuela Testolini, called CNN while in hiding, to let family and friends know that she is safe and give inside information on what went down. 

After several days of trying to obtain a new passport and i.d., she was out of India and flying back home.  Several of you had the victims and prisoners along with Manuela in your prayers.  She has had several requests for interviews with all the major networks and news organizations since her safe return.  All were declined.  All except Dr. Funkenberry.com

Here is a exclusive personal message from Manuela to Dr. Funkenberry's readers:

"now that i've had a chance to regroup after mumbai, i wanted to thank you all for your concern & your prayers. i am so blessed to be surrounded by such love & support, and infinitely grateful for both. much love to all of you...


Thanks to Manuela for that and here is hoping that she never charts on our top ten list for this ever again.-Dr.FB


Mumbai Update: Headed Back Home

Manuela Testolini as well as dozens of other hostages of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai earlier this week are on a plane right now headed out of there.

Stop terrorism now!-Dr.FB


Manuela In Mumbai Attack Update: No Real Update

The craziness is not over, and can it really be after what happened?

She is still at an undisclosed location with other people who were at the Taj Hotel when the attack happened.

For safety issues, I cannot tell you everything I know, until a later date.  But for right now, the situation is the same, where she is safe but not sound.

There are still terrorists and hostage situations going on with gunfire and explosions, so it is not an ideal situation.  The terrorists were speaking in Punjabi and are presumably from Pakistan.

Leaders in India and Pakistan are trying to let it be known that this is a situation that is not just India's problem or just Pakistan's problem, but both of their problems and they need to come together to handle it.

When I have further information I can disclose, I will post it.
Just remember, we are praying for everyone involved in this, not just her.

Until then. -Dr.FB