No. 9 The Mumbai Attacks

The day before Thanksgiving, a vicious terrorist attack happened in Mumbai, India. The targets?  Americans. One woman who was there on business and with two non-American business partners, herself Canadian, made a break from the terrorists, thru the kitchen and then out to a house where here and others were safe, but not sound.  The […]

Mumbai Update: Headed Back Home

Manuela Testolini as well as dozens of other hostages of the terrorist attacks in Mumbai earlier this week are on a plane right now headed out of there. Stop terrorism now!-Dr.FB

Manuela In Mumbai Attack Update: No Real Update

The craziness is not over, and can it really be after what happened? She is still at an undisclosed location with other people who were at the Taj Hotel when the attack happened. For safety issues, I cannot tell you everything I know, until a later date.  But for right now, the situation is the […]