The Ballad of Beaker

The site's a mess today, so I felt I had to post something to make us all laugh...

I have a soft spot for the Muppets, what can I say? Someone sent me this video and I had a good laugh over Beaker's attempt at internet fame. Did he succeed? Watch and find out! -Dr.FB

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Follow Ashanti Down The Yellow Brick Road

Ashanti Getty Image
Ashanti Getty Image

Ashanti Getty Image

Starting June 12th, Ashanti will be strutting her fab curves down the yellow brick road in New York. Ashanti is set to play Dorothy in 'The Wiz', at the New York City Center.  Although she still has a few weeks before she hits the stage, she is excited and can't wait to sing "Home" night after night.

Ashanti is no stranger to wonderful land of Oz, she has played along with the cheerful Muppets in their version of 'The Wizard of Oz', and has played the 'Wicked Witch of  The West' for a charity production of 'Wicked'.

Will she be wearing Diana Ross's red slippers?