Music Prescription Of The Week! Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne Heat Things Up In “High School” Video! Watch Now!

Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj High School Video Still

Nicki Minaj has released the video to "High School" which features her getting hot & heavy with her mentor, Lil Wayne. It is our "Music Prescription Of The Week" formerly our Jam Of The Week!

The video also features Birdman along with Minaj & Wayne and is directed by Benny Boom.

Minaj shows her stuff yet again in a pink bikini....yet again. She also is wearing a yellow neon bathing suit with her cheeks hanging out. Minaj also wears a machine gun-bullet top as well, because I'm sure it is very comfortable.

Wayne appears rapping by the pool and is only sagging a little bit with the trunks on.

Minaj is looking fine in the video and either I'm listening to too much Lil Wayne lately, but I can actually understand his rap and flow a little easier, even if it dyke this n dyke that. Maybe he was rapping about a new pair of shoes. Nah...pretty sure he said dyke. Sigh. Still, his flow is getting better...at least to me.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This isn't high school, 90210 or otherwise...