Reznor Changes Mind; Ninja Tour To Have More Dates

Trent Reznor File Photo
Trent Reznor File Photo

Trent Reznor File Photo

Sometimes, when it comes to musicians, we don't take everything they say to heart.  Sometimes, that is a very good thing.

Trent Reznor, after saying the NINJA Tour (Nine Inch Nails  & Janes Addiction) would be the final dates for NIN for a while, he is adding more dates of the tour starting August 22nd.

Also, he has taken to posting on his twitter page again after going on a couple of weeks ban from there.  Again, we don't mind and hope when the dates get announced in L.A., New York, Chicago and other places we hope you go and get F'd like an animal.  Try it sometime.-Dr.FB