#GameChanger Beyoncé’s New Album Breaks iTunes All-Time Best Sales Week


By now, I am using #gamechanger just to upset the people upset at how Beyoncé got so much press for releasing an album with no promotion.

You can now add that the idea netted her the iTunes record for most album sales in a week...although he album was only out for 3 days!

Beyoncé sold 617,000 copies of her new album in 3 days, breaking the iTunes single week record. The album has sold over 800,000 copies world-wide so far and will debut at number 1 on this week's Billboard Charts.

Lady Gaga sold 662,000 digital copies of "Born This Way" which included Amazon and a promotion to buy the album for 99 cents. B's album was for $15.99 and no discount.-DocFB

Diagnosis: This puts B as the biggest selling female debut of the year over Lady Gaga and Katy Perry who promoted their album's months in advance.


Garth Brooks Holds Off Britney Spears; Knocks One Direction From Number 1 Spot!

Garth Brooks Promo Photo

Garth Brooks is sitting pretty at number one this week on the Billboard Album Charts with a box set that is only available at Wal-Mart.

Brooks set "Blame It All on My Roots: Five Decades of Influences," sold 146,000 in its second week on the charts, preventing Britney Spear's new album "Britney Jean" from debuting at number one with only 107,000 copies sold, her lowest number ever for first week sales and debuting at number 4.

Garth's set includes 6 CD's and 2 DVD's and it is his 9th number one album. The set is only $29.99 for everything and is on sale for less than $25.00. It is the first multi-disc album to hit number one since 2003.

One Direction dropped to number 2 with 117,000 copies sold.

Sales are still down when comparing numbers to last years unit's moved, a trend that the music industry just cannot stop.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Now did each CD count 6 times as a sale or did the box set just count as one sale? Hmm....