Nylons In A Rip

Nikka Costa Takes You Into Her Closet For Stuff

  Nikka dropped a new video on her you tube channel Nikka’s Box which she usually does every Tuesday.  This time, she takes you into her closet with guitarist Joshua Lopez to look through some of Nikka’s stuff. I know some of you have probally wanted to be in Nikka’s closet, so she takes you there.  One thing you can […]

Video Premiere! HOT NEW Nikka Costa “Nylons In A Rip” Watch Now!

OK. This video is straight hotness with a capital H! “Nylons In A Rip” is the hot new video from Nikka Costa whose new EP “PRO*WHOA is out today! You can get the new CD HERE!!!!! Also, Nikka is on tour now! Here is a FULL list of TOUR DATES!!! Great performance video shot in […]

Nikka Costa Interview Part 1; Pro*Woa, Nylons & Adam Lambert…Almost

  So before checking out Nikka Costa live at the Roxy last week, we had a chance to interview her….for the first time NOT in a bathroom. Check out part 1 of our Nikka interview where we discuss her new EP, the lyrics to “Nylons In A Rip” and the music video.  We also ask […]

Video Exclusive! Live Version Of “Nylons In A Rip” By Nikka Costa

  OK.  The video for “Nylons In A Rip” is straight hotness with a capital H!  So hot, that the video leaked early!!!  It has been since taken down. We are told it should be released earlier this week and the song is from “PRO*WHOA  which is out today! You can get the new CD […]