The World Is A Lot Less Funky With The Passing Of Leroy “SugaFoot” Bonner

Leroy SugarFoot Bonner Photo: GettyImages.com

It was Saturday Night when we first heard of the passing of Leroy "Sugafoot" Bonner and it took us a while to write about someone who means so much to the world of Funk.

Sugafoot was the lead singer and lead guitarist of the Ohio Players. Songs like "Skin Tight", "Heaven Must Be Like This", "Fire", "Honey" and "Love Rollercoaster". Countless jams that produced sweaty bodies on the dance floor and plenty of babies at home.

The front man died in Dayton, Ohio Saturday Night at the age of 69 with no cause of death being announced.

Sugafoot, thank you for the jams, the grooves, the education of real music by real musicians. You will be missed but your music will live on forever.-DocFB

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