Brooke Hogan Parties With Boy-Toy Stack$ At SOBE In Miami

Brooke Hogan www.wireimage.com
Brooke Hogan www.wireimage.com

Brooke Hogan www.wireimage.com

Brooke Hogan helped celebrate her boy-toy's  birthday and record release party on April 17th at SOBE in Miami. Brooke seemed to be enjoying herself, she even gave the paps a panty shot! 

Who is Stack$?  Maybe I'm just not up to date on all the new rap sensation's out there.   I mean, Brooke is a huge star and her pops idolizes O.J.   Is this guy some HOT new talent I am missing out on?


O.J. Simpson Sentenced!

The Juice was sentenced to 15 up to 33 years in the big house.

He is eligible for parole in 6 9 years.

Did he get enough? Too much?

Was this redemption for the murder trial?-Dr.FB



O.J. Simpson Found Guilty On All Counts

O.J. Simpson was found guilty on all counts on his memorabilia case in Las Vegas.  So whatever O.J. does in Vegas, his ass will stay in Vegas for.

As my friend Chris said, it's kind of like the grammys, where they don't reward you for the work you did when you did it, but for something less 14 years later when they realize they got it wrong 14 years earlier.  Well said my man, well said.-Dr.FB