Update On This Whole ONE NPG “Collective” Site


So as you read here yesterday about ONE NPG, about trying to open up Prince's vault and have the fans get what they want, for a price.  That is something that was discussed in our first Spreecast.

There was some email contact going on by the person running One NPG, and fans who were contacting them.

The site has since been shut down.  Perhaps things were went about the wrong way.  Perhaps being so vague hurt what the purpose was going to be.

We are sure you know that we wouldn't post anything here like this without some knowledge.  Although discussed in the spreecast about perhaps DrFunkenberry running a site run by the fans, this was not run by DrFunkenberry.

As for the official word:

"NPG Records has no affiliation with ONENPG.ORG.  and just found out about it today.  the NPG's lawyers are all over this and have asked for the site to be shut down."

There you have it.  There will be another Spreecast with Seth Everett tonight where we will discuss this briefly, but have a lot more news from Paisley Park including:

L.O.L. (Live Out Loud) video release,
NPG Drummer Position
Smuk Fest
3rd Eye Girl Update
Jimmy Fallon
+ More

Tune in live HERE.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Whatever U think Is True.....Right?