The Oscars Name Steve Martin & Alec Baldwin Co-Hosts


OscarSteve Martin and Alec Baldwin will co-host  the 2010 Oscars. Hugh Jackman, who hosted this years Oscars, said he did not want to do it.

Steve Martin will be hosting for the 3rd time and Alec Baldwin is on board as of now, pending any outbursts beforehand.

The Oscars were fresh this year but that did have to do with the random choice of Hugh Jackman as host. I have major respect for both Martin & Alec but I don't think they were the best choice.

I would have rather seen Craig Ferguson host. Hip and still older, would have been a better choice.  Will we get a performance from Steve on his banjo? I hope not, but I bet I will.

What do you think of this choice?-Dr.FB