What A Pain In The Neck!

xtina.  Photo: Limelightpics.com
xtina.  Photo: Limelightpics.com

xtina. Photo: Limelightpics.com

I will never understand the tattoo on the neck of your own name.  I just don't get it.

Is it so your partner remembers what your name is if you are making love from behind?  Is it there if you are drunk and laying your head down in the toilet?

What the heck does it symbolize? Christina Aguilera was out n about yesterday shopping in Los Angeles and they got her tat I am sure she got years ago in her "Dirrty" era and it just comes off as tacky to me.

Christina is also our product placement star of the month as she made sure while being photographed to make sure you see where she shopped at.

What has a bigger chance of happening; her removing the tat or returning what she bought herself? 

Also, am I wrong about the tattoo...?-Dr.FB

Christina Aguilera Photo: Flynetonline.com

Christina Aguilera Photo: Flynetonline.com