It’s True! Kurt Angle Busted

Kurt Angle File Photo
Kurt Angle File Photo

Kurt Angle File Photo

His catch phrase, of "It's true! It's damn true" will now be the answer when people ask if Kurt Angle used HGH (Human-Growth Hormones) as he has been busted.

He didn't respect a an order of protection that his girlfriend put out against the wrestler, who is also an Olympic gold medalist.  So while following his girlfriend to a coffee shop and waiting for her in the parking lot, cops came. They searched his car and found the HGH.  Angle claimed to have a prescription for the drug.

He was charged with violating the order of protection, harassment, possession of drugs and paraphernalia and driving with a suspended license. Angle is the current TNA world champion. I am sure the WWE is breathing a sigh of relief for dropping the wrestler a couple of years ago.-Dr.FB