Parking Ticket

Audrina Patridge Covers FHM

Audrina Patridge. Photo: FHM Magazine

Audrina Patridge graces the cover of the new issue of FHM Magazine overseas and she is looking hot…if you can get past her looking at the roof all the time.  Audrina recently got her car towed while taking acting lessons.  What?  You mean being on the Hills doesn’t count as acting.  Oh, Audrina.   We can […]

Megan Fox Gets A Ticket, Not For Hotness

Getting a ticket way sucks. When your a celeb and photogs are filming you get a ticket sucks even more. You know what makes it suck even more? When you are wearing a whack fugly hat! Megan Fox was given a parking ticket and try to get her way out of it. All while being […]