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Playboy Wedding Is Off! Runaway Bride Or Cheater?

Hugh Hefner Tweet. Via Twitter

Crystal Harris, who was to marry Playboy owner and founder Hugh Hefner this weekend, is a runaway bride.  The wedding is off as Hugh tweeted earlier. Sources are saying she and Hef had a huge argument this weekend and decided to bail.  Robin Leach is saying that Crystal cheated on Hef with Dr. Phil’s son.  What? […]

Lady Gaga To Pose Nude For Playboy?

Lady Gaga. Photo:

Not sure if I believe this as she has said she would not pose for the magazine over a year ago but rumors are starting to surface that she will do Playboy. We have to wonder if she was trying out for it after this pose last week at the Mets game. Would you want […]

Playboy Magazine Can’t Escape Economic Woes

Playboy magazine is in some serious trouble. No word yet if they will try to sell or just close it down but no doubt, the bunny is in trouble. What magazine will I read for the articles now?-Dr.FB