Product Placement

Katie Price Is A Knockout

Katie Price has been taking some boxing lessons lately to remind you that she is a knockout. Tagging along with a very tanned former Jordan was her brother.  We hear she was horseback riding earlier in the day before sweating it out in the gym. She was very close to winning our product placement star […]

Product Placement Star Of The Week: Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, while on set of “Remember Me” in New York with script in hand, was enjoying a delicious drink. The “New Moon” & “Twilight” star made sure you knew where his drink came from and you too can look this cool if you have that drink in your hands, That is why we want […]

Hilary Duff: Product Placement Star Of The Week

Here is Hilary Duff, holding Coffee Bean & Tree Leaf in her hands, making sure not to cover up the logo and also have it extended so you can photograph it. Interesting how many of our product placement stars of the week are drinking Coffee Bean?  Hmm. Nonetheless, Hilary Duff is our product placement star of […]