Snoop Dogg Calls Kim Kardashian A Straight Ho! NSFW

Snoop Dogg was asked to give advice to Kris Humphries about Kim Kardashian and he did not hold back, calling the reality star a ho.

He quoted from 2Pac and straight said "you can't turn a ho into a housewife. Bitch."

He even talked about Kim's ex's Reggie Bush and Ray J. He said Ray J was the only one to bounce back from Kim.

Warning. The language is kind of spicy. Is Snoop telling the truth about Kim?-DocFB


Kim Kardashian Debuts New Fragrance

Kim Kardashian Sephoria
Kim Kardashian Sephoria

Kim Kardashian. Photo: GettyImages.com/dandg / Meet The Famous

Kim Kardashian is in Miami, Florida to support her man Reggie Bush of the New Orleans Saints in the Super Bowl.  Kim isn't hanging by Reggie all week, however, and girl has business on her mind.

Kim debuted her new fragrance "Kim Kardashian" at a Sephora in Miami Beach yesterday.  I hear the fragrance is simply called Kim Kardashian.  I think Kim was right when she was fighting with her sisters and it should have been called "Dash" but I think that will be one done together.

I was lucky enough to get a bottle ahead of time and wanted to share with you the warning label:

By using this perfume, you will not hang out with Paris Hilton, you will not make a sex tape with Ray-J, you will not be on the grandest stage of them all , The Super Bowl,  and you will not get your own reality show. 

 So for that family in Oklahoma, there will be no Keeping Up With The Rabinowitz's any time soon.-Dr.FB