George Michael Gets Arrested For Reckless Driving

George Michael   Photo: TheDailymail.co

George Michael Photo: TheDailymail.co

George. George. George.  You need to tour just to stay out of trouble.

George Michael was arrested over the weekend for reckless driving.  It seems Georgie crashed into a building and when police arrived, they said he was unfit to drive. 

George has already been booked and released and will have a court date in August where he will have to show up. 

He was arrested in 2007 for driving while on drugs...although he was not driving but was slumped over the wheel.  After that, a tour was announced.  It does seem when George is on tour, he seems to not be in trouble and in the news for the right reasons. 

Although Michael has said his touring days are nearing an end, we hope not for his sake more than ours.-Dr.FB


Tiger Woods Not Charged As Voice Mail Leaks

Tiger Woods. File Photo
Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods. File Photo

Tiger Woods is getting off with a slap on the wrist, which is sure better than getting beat up by your wife, as the Florida Highway Patrol is just issuing Tiger a ticket for his accident for reckless driving.  They could have went for more as Tiger was driving barefoot which is a no-no in Florida.

Meanwhile, another woman is stepping forward saying she had an affair with Tiger Woods that almost spanned 2 years.  She is not denying it and she also has a voicemail of him telling her to erase who you are calling because his wife was going through his phone.

Does this sound like Tiger to you?

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It sure sounds like him to me and I don't know too many people who make thier living off of Tiger impressions.

So is it Tiger on that voicemail or what? Thoughts?-Dr.FB