Red Bull

Lindsay Lohan Waste Red Bull

Lindsay Lohan. Photo:

While in Milan, Italy, Lindsay Lohan took out some aggression on some paparazzi that were taking her picture; she gave them some Red Bull. She did not give them cans or anything but she did open one up and throw it at them.  So I have one question; good use of red bull or bad […]

Lindsay Lohan Caught Eating Pie In Public

Lindsay Lohan with a Red Bull in hand, had some pizza pie in her hands.  No word if it was just cheese or it had some meat on it. We are going to assume she had some of the pizza and hope the poor girl is eating.  Robert Rodriguez, famed director, said  at Comic-Con he […]

Product Placement Star Of The Week: Lindsay Lohan

Oh Lindsay Slowhands Lohan You are our product placement star of the week again.  Look at the innocent look while you make sure to hold out the can and make sure the label can be seen. Who cares if others will be talking about you were seen with a mystery guy last night.  All we care about […]